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The Game is on by Isaac of Nine

So that this community does not vanish

Posted by mistressace on 2010.07.15 at 01:05
This post is being made to keep LJ from purging this community.

Clubbing Clex Recs

Posted by althea_astrea on 2006.07.01 at 21:05
Hello everyone!

I made this rec list of clubbing Lex, it's here, in case you want to see it!


jamie benn
Posted by ladyjanelly on 2006.01.11 at 16:08
Hooker!fic rec--

Happiness, by Bellat.

I hadnt seen it before, so I assume others may have missed it too.


Clex kiss

Art: Mine

Posted by lapetite_kiki on 2005.10.07 at 07:20
Artist: Lapetite Kiki
Pairing: Clex
Rating: Teen


Chlark Vessal super kiss
Posted by frelling_tralk on 2005.05.13 at 20:17
There's a fic of Lex thinking back to club zero


Vin Diesel's Cleavage ~ fashes


Posted by fashes on 2005.04.04 at 11:57
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bloodsoaked by muse_attack
It's *hot* Rave Macbeth club!fic. And one of my absolute favorite club!fics.

girlinthetrilby is "nothing if not a sheep"

Kink In Pink by hergerbabe. Part of The Many Coloured Layers Series (scroll down a little).
for which lapetite_kiki made a sizzling picture of Kally.

Soul Mates

Art: Clubbing

Posted by lapetite_kiki on 2005.03.19 at 07:38
Current Mood: scaredmore clubbing...
Artist: Lapetite Kiki
Pairing: Clex
Warning: They are top less.


My Mouser

Untitled Club!Clark

Posted by sadiethenymph on 2005.03.10 at 16:57
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Untitled Club!Clark
Untitled Club!ClarkCollapse )
by Nymph Du Pave
CLex (slash)
Unbetaed, unedited.

First posted on my sketchbook journal, nymphdupave.

Cat in the Box!

Artwork: Pretty When You're Mine

Posted by digitalwave on 2005.03.10 at 13:07
I actually have something to contribute! I did a manipped cover for seperis's Pretty When You're Mine. You can find it here:

Pretty When You're Mine cover artCollapse )

Jenn's story is wonderful, if you haven't read it yet you should really go and check it out. :)

Vin Diesel's Cleavage ~ fashes

Inaugural recs! Hooker fic in a Club

Posted by fashes on 2005.03.10 at 01:57
All of these are Hooker!Fics that happen *in* a club or revolve around clubbing. Hooker!Club!Fic? Club!Hooker!Fic?

As the Night as the Day by shaggirl and alax
Summary: All roads lead home.

Brand New Name by obsidian_rai
Summary: A day (night) in the life...

Metropolis Confidential by serafina20
Summary: Morgan Edge hires a young rentboy named Kal. Set in the same universe as "Lex Luthor, Ace Reporter." Although this is a prequel, I recommend reading LLAR before this.

Questions and Answers by scribblinlenore
Summary: teen!whore!Lex and reporter morally!challenged!Clark

Pretty When You're Mine by seperis partially archived here, the latest section as of this posting is here.
Summary: AU from pre-pilot on.
Author's Notes: Livia said, rentboy! Livia said, here's an outline! Livia said, this will be fun! You know, this is basically me channeling Livia. She's crack. Evil crack.

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